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Stuck in Offline Mode

Stuck in Offline Mode

For the day, I've been stuck in offline mode on my android Samsung Galaxy s3.


Spotify won't download my playlists, not even when cellular data has been enabled. At the top of various playlists that I'm trying to download, it says "go online to download."

At the bottom, it says "spotify is in offline mode."





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Not to sound obvious; but it's worth checking.


If you go into Settings in the Spotify app have you checked to see if 'Offline' is enabled (It's the first option at the top of the settings screen).


If not, can you try togglining it on then off again?

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I'm having the same problem.  I have verified in my settings and offline is enabled and it says "days before you need to go online 29"  but it it still will not start to download the songs to the device when i toggle the playlist to offline mode.


When i log onto my PC it says the songs/playlist is avialable offline on that particular PC.  It also says I'm only 1 of my 4 devices linked to the account, but does not show my phone linked to the account.  Though other posts/threads say that it should still be working.


Any thoughts?  I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times but still no worky

I know this is pretty old but others are having a similar issue so I thought I would share my experience as a new spotify user.


First off I had data on and was connected to wireless

I turned offline mode on and received this message

I went online, logged in and started playing something. no change

Immediately it was recognized that I was playing something in the internet application on my computer on my phone which was a nice feature

I then attempted to offline mode again and got same message. 

I decided to turn off internet on my phone and still received the message

I then turned off data and turned wireless back on and still go the message.

I decided to turn on airplane mode and made sure mobile data was off on my phone

I then turned wireless back on and then changed it to offline mode in spotify and low and behold it started to download.

Once my playlist was done I turned data on and turned off airplane mode.


All seems well now and hopefully this helps others.


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