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Desktop local files not downloading on Samsung Galaxy S7

Desktop local files not downloading on Samsung Galaxy S7

Ok so I just switched from Apple Music and switched from an iPhone 5S, and I tried to use Apple Music on android, but its flat out garbage, and just felt like trash. My phone plan came with a free premium spotify so i said why not. However one thing I loved about itunes/apple music was how easy it was to move my local music and play it on my phone. However when I try and make a playlist with my local music on Spotify, it wont save offline on my phone. I slide available offline, then it just says waiting to download. I can listen to the playlist with local music perfectly fine on my PC. Please help! i have no way to listen to Acid Rap by Chance or TLOP on my new phone yo!!

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Please read the support topic here for assistance setting up local file sync: Listen to local files

Make sure that you are on the same WiFi network and Windows & third party firewalls are configured to allow the Spotify connection through.

Another point to note is that sometimes if a track is stored locally & is also available to stream then when you sync to your device it will automatically use the Spotify streaming version but the data from your playlist. If for some reason the metadata such as track length differs this can cause conflict and break the track. In this instance you are best off removing the local file from your playlist on the desktop and adding the track from the Spotify server then re-sync. This should fix this issue.

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