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Stuck on Log in screen

Stuck on Log in screen

Something is happening to my Spotify. For 2 days it has been saying I'm offline, which is not true. Then my downloaded songs started to turn grey and have become unplayable. Now I can't even log in. I use Facebook login and it just stays on "Please wait" forever. I've uninstalled and installed it, I've restarted my phone, I've force stopped it, went offline and then online again, nothing helps. If someone could help me, that be great.

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Same here. During the day everything was workiing fine, and just few hours ago 1st mobile app went in offline mode, and than when i tried to reconnect, i stuck on login screen with please wait message

Are you usung a facebook login too @Bubasparks

Yes. And no, i didnt changed password. It was working fine in the morning. And i can login on PC without any problems.

Same here.

So no help? It has been 3 days without music and it's a premium account so I really home someone actually is trying to figure out how to help us 😞

when i got to wifi it logged me in normaly and was working fine, than i went outside for dinner, and it again showed me that i dont have internet connection, but i do, i have unlimited internet in my mobile network, than i turned off than on my mobile data on phone, and it started to loading everything fine...cant really understand whats the bug was

They seemed to be having problems which they say are now fixed. If you still can't log in, try tweeting @SpotifyCares.

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