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Stupid Car Mode

Stupid Car Mode

How on earth do I disable this shitty car mode?

Absolutely horrendous and what's even worse is that I'm on a premium account - I'm not gonna pay money to have shitty interfaces and buggy apps. If this issue isnt fixed, I'm gonna switch to YouTube music. 








Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Operating System

Android Oreo





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Yeah, I notice this **bleep** car mode comes on whenever I connect to a bluetooth device. How do I turn this sh*t off??

Hey @nirmalsabu and @cmallen, welcome to the Community!


Sorry to hear you're having trouble with this. If you see this view while not connected to a car, try a clean reinstall to see if it helps.


Let us know how it goes.


Sure I can try this, but the point is, I should have the option of turning this off. Today I was sitting in my car parked in a parking lot and went to listen to some music. I'm not even actually driving but am stuck with this interface and I can't even fast forward or seek a different part of the song. All I can do is hit next track or back. I'm paying for this account as a premium member and now feel like I have an inferior product. Please tell your engineers to give us a way to opt out of this immediately!

Im on your side here. I dont work for Spotify. Just a affected cx trying to spread the fix that worked for me. I was furious that this change happened. It was driving me crazy. Still does and I agree, there should be a toggle switch.

I've done and uninstall and reinstall I've logged in with Facebook and your email I've cleared cache I've done everything there is to do except delete 8 gig of music on my Samsung S8. This just kicked in like 2 weeks ago and it only happens in my two cars. When I hook up to a regular Bluetooth speaker of any kind it works as it's supposed to and the now playing screen is normal with the album cover and all the features. Otherwise it looks like the other person's upload in this feed which I guess all upload a screenshot now of a huge screen that does nothing but change tracks and paws and it's the stupidest idea anybody has ever had for a nap since Play Store was coded! So I'm letting you know reinstall didn't do a thing! Any other ideas please? Be a huge help before I throw my phone into the freaking River!


Hookup the BT to only the stereo first, then while leaving that connected, connect any BT headset or speaker second. Leave that second device connected and you will get the screen you want. I am not a Spotify employee. Just somebody who found that this fix worked for me. I now have to keep my headset connected at all times while in a car and it must be connected second to the car stereo. 


Hey everyone!


The right team is looking into this as we speak. Fingers crossed it'll be fixed soon.


In the meantime, try updating your Bluetooth device name on your phone and restarting the app to see if it helps.


All the best.

“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”
― Maria Augusta von Trapp

I just wanted to reiterate that we all have this little Bluetooth dual audio connection go around that you have to do every time you get in your car so today I did it probably 8 times and somewhere in traffic! Therefore, Spotify is now forcing me to use my phone while I'm driving! I think whoever makes these decisions needs to sit down and realize that they're not making a safe mode they're making a very dangerous move! Somebody's going to get hurt from trying to Simply listen to music which is one of the oldest and most used forms of everyday entertainment without neutrality involved! I just can't even fathom the State of Mind anybody was in that thought this was going to be a great idea! I probably almost ran off the road twice today myself messing with this garbage so I hope you guys get on the ball really fast! I really do appreciate the comment but well... Let's just leave it at that. We don't want two words we want action! Don't be those people who said we should have never done this. Cuz everybody is happening to is already saying that.



I agree 100%I hate having to do it but its the fix that i found that works. Hopefully the see the danger in what they have forced us to resign to in order to get our functionality back and return things back to normal.

Oh, absolutely appreciate your quick fix! That's what I'm going to obviously be using every day until there is a fix.  So, I definitely appreciate you for that! I'm glad we're on the same page and thanks again for the go around.. Other screen is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. And it is completely unsafe! Let me know if you hear anything further as far as getting rid of this **bleep** or fixes and I will hopefully do the same. If there ever is one. So frustrating! Just a test of patience at this point and I don't really have any to begin with.LOL!


This update had forced me to check out YouTube Music APP.  Since Spotify is not useless for my car...

I was actually very suprised! More song content than Spotify, You can even double, triple quadruple tap (20, 30 40, etc second FF) Suyper easy. The GUI is better, they have more albums per artisit , etc. Al for the same price.

What a terrible move Spotify...I may never come back to you. I dont say this to be mad, I just want you to know you need to fix this before you lost more customers. You have YEARS of my playlists...  it may be the only thing that keeps me, but you have 30 days to fix it.

Please ask a developer to add a switch to turn this off.

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