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Suggest songs - bug?

Suggest songs - bug?



I have problem while using Spotify Free (i've used Premium) i wanted to listen one of movie's soundtrack (Daredevil, X-men:the last stand) album and afrer 2 songs Spotify played Katy Perry after that Niki Minaj etc. after few more it played one song from album and once again it started to play suggest songs. I was looking for this isue and read that spotify should play similar songs to album when there are less songs than 12.


Is it bug or functionality of Spotify app?

That's happened on Android 5.1.1 Sony z3 compact

Version armV7.


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You are correct that in using Spotify Free you are accepting that 'Suggested Songs' will be offered in amongst the playlist. In the support page it seems to have removed the reference to the amount of tracks a playlist must have in which suggested songs would be offered, making me think this is now applicable for ALL playlists.

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Thank you for answer. I made new topic because i didn't find straight answer for that question. I read article which you sent, link about 'Spotify on moblie' and there is 'Sometimes you'll hear a mix of similar tracks from other artists to what you're playing' and i think it dosen't work properly while i was listening 'film score' and as suggest songs i receive pop songs... Do you know there is any documentation witch specified how exactly it should work?


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