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Suggested songs causing problems.

Suggested songs causing problems.

I have encountered a new problem with Spotify on my G2 over the last couple of days.


When a song from my playlist finishes playing, the app goes silent.  I pick up the phone when I can (I'm driving) and look at the app.  In place of the banner showing the current song and the play/pause buttons, it just says 'suggested song'.  No sound is coming out and there is nothing I can do to change track or make music play.  After a long time (the length of the 'suggested song?) one of my songs comes back on.


I gather it is not possile to turn off sugested songs, which must be a cunning plan to drive us to premium as it is a most unwanted feature.


Does anyone have any suggestions as to why my suggested songs are a) silent, and b) not listed by name?





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That is odd... I think you should try a clean install (follow this guide: [GUIDE] How to fix common issues for Spotify on Android)

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Thanks, I've done the clean install.  I will report back here when tested in the car, which requires the stupid car to get back from the garage.





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