Swipe to Queue


Swipe to Queue





United States


Galaxy S8

Operating System

Android Oreo


My Question or Issue

Spotify has still not implemented a swipe to queue feature on android. This is absurd. People have been asking for this for almost 5 years. How much time could it possibly take for your dev team to transfer and edit the code from the IOS version of spotify to add swipe to queue? Swipe to queue is a more efficient and safe method of queuing songs. We all know that we add songs to the queue when we are driving, even if we aren't supposed to. Swipe to queue requires less attention to the phone and makes it all around easier.

Spotify released a video digging Apple for their lack of support with Spotify, talking about how Apple doesn't allow Siri to play Spotify and other issues. Despite these issues with Apple, Spotify does not seem to support Android users at all. 

Overall, I'm disappointed with Spotify's support for Android and hope that changes in the future to stay in line with other devices.


(also I've already read the numerous links to the 'not right now' section, so don't bother linking me to it)