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Sync storage on Android

Sync storage on Android

Hello there.


I hope someone can assist me.

I got a Sony Xperia Z2 and i only got 16 GB internal memory (12 Available). My synchronized playlist which contains 2516 songs takes up around 7GB of storage in normal quality.


How is it possible for me to save the synchronized songs on a memorycard? (MicroSD)
I have searched for this some time without any results.


I would appreciate if someone tried to help me.


Have a good day.

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Hey there. When you install Spotify for the first time it will detect which sd card has the most space and start storing the cache there.


If you installed Spotify before inserting the sd card I recommend removing Spotify, making sure the sd card is inserted (and that it has more space than your phone's internal memory), then re-installing Spotify.

Community Ergo Sum

The problem with that is that i only have 8GB of Sd card.

And 12GB internal memory


but i will buy a 64GB sdcard when i can finance it (student)

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