Synced a total of 350 songs,then they are gone again

Synced a total of 350 songs,then they are gone again


Seems as though the spotify software is losing It's quality,I get frequent glitches/weird  audio abnormalities.

So my main issue is syncing tracks,so I sync 350 starred tracks.They sync.I open the app in my phone to see that offline mode has been deselected in that playlist,I turn it on and it starts syncing from the very start again.

Also I can no longer sync via USB on my nexus? When I plug it in it just syncs(SLOWLY) via the wireless network.

These may seem like minor issues,but I'm paying for a service..

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Hi! Welcome to teh Spotify community! Sorry you're experienceing this problem.


Have you tried doing a reinstall yet?



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Yea,but even then why should this happen?
Just happend again.Really annoying.

Think I'll cancel my subscription


You didn't answer the question about sync via USB


There is no way to sync over USB (unless you have an old iPod touch). All other syncing is done via WiFi for security/encryption purposes.

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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