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Synchronized files no longer recognized

Synchronized files no longer recognized







Sony xperia z3 compact

Operating System

Android 6.0.1


My Question or Issue

Im using Spotify (currently version on a Sony Xperia Z3 compact . 

This old phone do not have any SIM card, im using it for music and connect it by Wifi only once a week. 

I have a problem for twice by now : I synchronize my main playlist on day 1 by wifi on the sd card, then i disable the the network and turn the app to offline mode. For days after, everything is working. After 7-10 days, or after a reboot , or after an uptade, my playlist is no longer available offline ! Even if the files (in sd/android/data/ are still there !

I have to sync again , and with more than 1000 track, unless to say that is extremely disapointing ! 

What is the problem behind it  ? What is the solution ? 


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Hello, by the way 😉

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