Syncing problem to SD card (Android)


Syncing problem to SD card (Android)

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I've been trying to sync spotify library to a 32GB SD card in order to be able to listen to music while I'm offline. Problem is it starts syncing but always stops and throws an error. Then my SD card always gets corrupted and I need to format.

Ok so I've deleted cache, hidden spotify files in my phone and SD card as well, even uninstall the mobile app and syncing never works!

At first thought it was the SD card giving me trouble. But I've already checked and I'm pretty sure it is fine.

Problem is spotify. Could anyone please tell me how can I fix it? Otherwise I'd rather cancel my subscription because it doesn't make any sense paying for premium and not being able to sync the library to my phone. Thanks!
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Re: Syncing problem to SD card (Android)

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Hello @Orian

I just moved your post from the iOS forums to the Android forums to get a better response from everyone.

You tried replacing the SD card? Have you tried doing a FAT32 reformatting of the SD card? Full wipe the SD?

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Re: Syncing problem to SD card (Android)

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Hmm, definately sounds like an SD card issue. Can I ask what make is the SD Card? How old is it?


I'd recommend using a program on a Mac/PC to run a checkdisk & full format of the SD Card to see if it throws up any issues.

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Re: Syncing problem to SD card (Android)


I have the very same problem. I've tried with two different SD-cards, one 32gb Samsung and one 64gb that I don't know the brand to. Does anyone have any advice?