Syncing problems


Syncing problems


Hello, I currently have the problem with syncing as i have downloaded a CD which is split by Track 1, 2, 3 etc however when listening to this on my android phone, although there are 12 tracks listed it only plays the first one 12 times, (basically its downloading/synced the first track 12 times)  but i can listen to them individually on my PC but on my phone it only plays the first track each time...? 


Even when i have the app open on my PC and my phone and the correct track is playing on my PC when i click "play here" on my phone it goes back to playing the first track even though it says its playing track 3 for example.


I have tried removing the tracks  from my PC and adding them again track by track and also removing the app from my phone and reinstalling it but the problem is still the same.


Can anyone help?



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Re: Syncing problems

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Hey Harper86,


Would you be able to post a screenshot of this?


Also (just to be sure!), have you made sure that the repeat function isn't switched on on your mobile?