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app slow to start up initially now


app slow to start up initially now

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hi all,

since last update im finding the app on my htc m8 is VERY slow to load up and sort itself out the first time you launch it

get stuck looking at a black screen for quite a while 😞

used to be ok



htc m8 running 4.4.2

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Re: app slow to start up initially now

Community Legend

Hi there and welcome to the community,


Could you try doing a full reinstallation of the app, including removing your local cache/data files.

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Re: app slow to start up initially now

Music Fan

Great that a full reinstall is suggested, which of course isn't at all straight forward... I have the same issue as above and around 20GB of offline playlists, which I'll have to re-sync, which you probably know is also buggy and a bad user experience. 


I pay for premium for about 5 years now, but i'm considering buying CD's and ripping them for the future. What's the point of wasting time and energy on this.. Anyway, rant over.