Tablet locks up on now-playing screen with videos/animations

Tablet locks up on now-playing screen with videos/animations

I first noticed the lockup a few days ago when playing Eurythmics song Sweet Dreams from their album of the same name. The audio plays but when selecting the Now Playing screen the tablet went black and was totally unresponsive. Even the standard Android "buttons" at the bottom did not work. I ended up long-pressing the power button to reboot. After the reboot I started the song again and the same thing happened. Pushing the physical buttons and reorienting the tablet allowed me a glimpse of the screen and I saw a video playing momentarily before it went black again. After another reboot I played a different  cut and it worked fine. Returning to Sweet Dreams caused lockup again. I immediately (after another reboot) went to Settings to see if there is an option to turn off these animations. I could not find such an option. Yesterday I cued up John Coltrane's Both Directions At Once album and experienced the same lockup, in this case on multiple album tracks. Again I was able to get small glimpses of the screen, which this time was showing some sort of animation. If I let the audio play, after a couple minutes the tablet reports "Spofity isn't responding" with options to "Close app", "Wait", or "Report". I have found that if I wait a few more minutes the screen eventually comes back on and reverts to the "View Album" view, with the cover art on the left and the list of tracks on the right.

This is unacceptable.

I can see that some users may like the animated now-playing screen but please add a setting to make it optional for devices where it is not compatible. Even if the animation did work on my device I would prefer to disable it.










Digiland 7" Tablet

Operating System

Android 7.0



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The animated short lopping videos are actually uploaded by the artists themselves.

At the moment there is no option to disable them but if you would like, you can submit it in Idea Submissions board or support it if this idea has been already submitted.


Hope it helps 🙂

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