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Tablet version of Android coming soon?

Tablet version of Android coming soon?

"I emailed them a couple of weeks ago about this and possible solutions to it and was informed that a tablet specific Spotify app for Android is on its way soon. No more information than that so heres hoping its sooner rather than later."


See the comment.

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I hope they are referring to a new version of the android client and not just one specifically for tablets. 

Having two seperate applications defeats the purpose of using Android in the first place. I would also hope that a lot of the bugs have been fixed before this is released.



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It might mean that the new app version will support both tablets and phones. Nobody knows for sure and I'm not sure if the comment is even truthful. You know what happens when you have anonymity on the internet.

It's news to me..oO

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The devs are already stuggling to get 1 app to work, now they would have to maintain 2 versions.. 


I'm not buying this untill we see a official statement. It would be a very stupid thing to do though.

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