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Wrong Folder & misplaced playlists

Wrong Folder & misplaced playlists

Hi Spotify users,


Since the last update I noticed that I have a Folder displayed that I don't have in the desktop app, or in the previous version of the mobile app.

And some playlist which are not in a folder normally goes into that folder.


I point out that this problem appear only at the end of the list.

And the ghost folder is an old folder that I deleted months ago.


Hope it's clear x)



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That looks like the same issue I reported here:


In my case the phantom playlist folder has the same name as one of my other folders (or the original name of that folder, as I renamed the folder but the name of the phantom folder didn't change).

I noticed the same as you that any playlists I add in the desktop app which I don't add to a folder are shown as being in this phantom folder in the Android app.

I also have this problem. Has anyone managed to find a way to delete the duplicated folder?

Hello. just wondering if there has been a solution to this yet. I'm also experiencing a ghost folder. I see it in the android app but not in the desktop version. No matter how many times I remove and re-install spotify, that folder continues to display in the app. Any suggestions?


Hi - I amhaving the same issue. There have been two "iTunes" folders created, and playlists that aren't related to iTunes (collaborative playlists or ones I created in spotify)have moved themselves under the folder. I don't see the  folder in the desktop windows app so can't fix the issue there. The folders are only visible on iPhone and iPad apps. Because you cannot edit folders/ move folders on the mobile apps I can't fix the issue.

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