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Tell what is being downloaded?

Tell what is being downloaded?

Running the latest version of spotify on Android 5.0.1 with my Verizon Samsung galaxy s4. I should add this has been an issue for months, even before the 5.0 Android upgrade.

I have nearly 2500 songs 'saved' with the blanket 'save' switch under the apps song tab, which downloads all songs I have saved. Oddly, once in a while, spotify will say it's downloading 10+ (there is no pattern to the alone) songs after I start the app. I ASSUME this is indicating it's downloading songs I have already downloaded because they've been replaced with a better version, or perhaps an album I saved was taken off spotify and recently made available again. This is fine, I have the space for more songs on my sd card, but I would like to know what's being downloaded in some way, which is hard to guess with 2500 songs. Is there a way to see this?
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It doesn't actively tell you what's being downloaded. However I find it happens when you've subscribed to a playlist that regularly gets updated.. For example the Spotify throwback Thursday playlist gets updated every week and as such you will find it downloads the new tracks automatically.

The way I identify what's going on is by using the notification feature to tell me when a playlist is updated, that way I know which playlist has new tracks

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