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cancelling my preiumum


cancelling my preiumum

How do i can the free 30 day premimum as i no longer want it. Thanks.

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Can't charge what they don't have.

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If you're on the free thirty day trial there is no way to "cancel it," other then simply waiting for the trial to expire. If you've paid for it, again, the same thing applies. You can however cancel your subscription so you are no longer charged for premium; this article should help. If you no longer wish to have an account, you can contact Spotify Support to have your account deleted.

I have a 30 day trial but due to reasons i would like to cancel it so it wont charge me in the next couple of days? I have tried both of thoae things and neither work i have no option to cancel when i try and cancel.

If you are on a trial period your account will automatically downgrade to a free account once your premium trial expires, unless as I recall, you've entered credit card information. If you haven't provided payment information then you have nothing to worry about. I'm assuming that since you are unable to cancel your premium subscription that you have either done it before unkowingly, or that you don't have any payment information in the system, so again, you should be safe. 


If you have provided payment information and you are unable to cancel the subscripton, then I would contact support. Hope this helps.

I have not put any credit card information is i just got the free trial and then it says you will be charges 9.99 on the 26/05/20015

If there is no information to charge, then your account will simply lapse to a free account. 

So because i have not entered any bank detailss i wont be charged even though it says your account will renew on thw 26/05 but then says no payment provider connected to your account
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Can't charge what they don't have.

Okay thanks alot

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