The New UI Sucks


The New UI Sucks


I've been using spotify for almost 4 years now and it's been great. Then this new update with the change in UI came out. It's been a couple months and I hated it at first but I thought I'd try it. A couple months of this and I still hate it. The library just lost all of its functionality. What are they thinking? Did they even have customers try it before shipping it out? Before everything was intuitive and made sense and now everything is confusing. Not to mention it deleted my entire library and I had to readd everything back in. Spotify needs to get their stuff together. I may even go to Google Play Music at this point.

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Hi @Ampz,


I totally understand your frustration with this. Regarding deleting your library, if you're referring to your Songs list, it has now been renamed to "Liked Songs." You shouldn't have lost your media. If you're still struggling to understand some of the quirks of this update, this post might help somewhat. Is there anything else in particular that I might be able to help you with? 




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Re: The New UI Sucks


I absolutely agree. I was a longtime spotify user but had switched over to Apple Music for a little while because I wanted to see the difference. Now I just came back to spotify a couple days ago and this UI is complete garbage. As soon as this month is over I'm switching to Google Play Music this is trash

Re: The New UI Sucks


I am still trying to figure who thought it was a good idea to change the how the library handles artists. The new way is awful and only takes away basic functionality. People are complaining like crazy and Spotify doesn't seem to actually care. Will likely be leaving Spotify soon if they don't change this back.