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The app thumbs buttons for radio stations


The app thumbs buttons for radio stations

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Pixel 2

Operating System

Android 9 : build-pq2a.190405.003


My Question or Issue

I guess you can call this feedback.  I don't know if it's an issue.  I've found some topics that seem to say this change in the app is by design.


So the thing is that the thumbs up and down buttons on the radio are replaced with heart and ban icons.  I get it- you're trying something different.  But there is a very different workflow here that i don't think i understand.


With the thumbs- my expectation was that i can like a song, and improve my radio station.  Or i can thumbs down a song, and it doesn't play in my station, hopefully also improving the radio station some way (obv can't say how that works).  This allows me to _tune_ my station, and find songs that i want to add to some playlist i might have.


The new app design allows me to heart a song.  Maybe that improves the station playlist.  It definitely adds the songs to my "Liked" library, which i do not want.  My intention is to say i like this kind of song.  Not that i necessarily want to save it.  Banning the song would seem to have the same effect.  It won't play again, and i can't say if/how it tunes my station playlist.


The desktop app seems to work the same as usual, and has thumbs icons when playing the same station.  Using the thumbs however, do not seem to persist.  Meaning i can minimize the app for a while, and all the thumbs next to the songs are gone.  Regardless of how you guys are tweaking the feature underneath- you gotta understand how absolutely maddening this is...

i'm using a MacOS desktop client right now.  version:


So i guess my questions are-  is thumbs'ing songs still a thing in radios?

What actions actually affect the radio playlist?  Can you affect the playlist in that 'radio tuning' sort of way.


Use case:

I have a playlist that i use to generate a radio station.  Then i look for songs i want to add back to that playlist.  Thumbs'ing songs on that radio let's me tune it until i find songs i want to add.  This means that at some point i would expect that the profile of the playlist will generate a different sort of radio station.  That doesn't seem to be the case anymore.  I rather get directed toward a playlist generated from my playlist...

So i guess i'm also asking what the difference is between playlists and radio stations, now?

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Re: The app thumbs buttons for radio stations

Casual Listener

Have you gotten an answer to this? I'm looking through the community and trying to get an answer and I'm not sure why it's not being answered or discussed! At least half the tracks popping up have to be skipped manually because I can't thumb them down. And now Spotify thinks I like them because of the attention they get, as I try to find the "ban" or thumb down. Maddenning indeed!! 


Re: The app thumbs buttons for radio stations


Hey @darthgoon.


Thanks for posting your question in the Community, and apologies for the late reply!


One of our Stars has posted an answer to your question in this thread - make sure to check it out.


Let us know if you still have any questions! @cselliott - I've replied to you in that thread 😉

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