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The back button is bugged when wanting to replay a song without it finishing.

The back button is bugged when wanting to replay a song without it finishing.




Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Operating System



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When wanting to listen to a song again from the start before the song has ended, if you hit back and do this about 3-6 times (maybe more, maybe less, it is random). Then it glitches out. What I mean by this is the song will continue to play as it, but the song timeline bar and seconds will show that the song restarted. So in your ear you have the song going further along not restarted, and on the bar it shows it restarted. 


I have to either drag the timeline bar forward then backwards, then restart the song to make it catch up, or I have to click on another song then click back to the song I want. As a person that did this daily, this has never been an issue before. I saw some people post about it on other forums too, so I know it is not just me and my device. 



Edit: Just checked on PC it is happening there too now. 

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bumping till this gets officially acknowledged. It is happening on every platform (besides linux as I don't run that OS to check)  

fixed on PC but still busted on mobile 


A quick way to replicate the bug on your end is to pick a song, any song. Let it play for 5-6 seconds( so that when you hit back it has played through enough not to go to the previous song when you hit back). Then click on the back/restart track button, let it play again for 5-6 seconds, and rinse and repeat. After a handful of times, you will encounter the error. 



This issue is present since 2014 on Android, same here Samsung S21 Ultra. 

Hi folks,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


Sorry to hear that you're having such an experience with the app.


We tried replicating this on our on different Android devices, but didn't get the same results. This is most likely something related to the device itself.


In order to investigate this further, can you send us the following info:

  • Device model and OS version
  • Spotify version
  • Short video recording of the issue. You can attach it to your reply (.MP4) or as a link to a platform like YouTube.
  • What troubleshooting have you done so far

Looking forward to your replies.

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Actually the back button IS working but ONLY on a per playlist basis. Both on desktop IOS and android
Anything played outside one of my own playlists will reset history. 

This seems like a FEATURE not a bug. Spotify can you confirm? 
Are you restricting the back button? Or is this just a new bug on three different platforms?

Hey I'm recently facing this same issue where my back button is greyed out, as well as I can't control the pointer in the song timeline bar, as well as auto shuffle can be turned off only if you have a premium account, I do have other free accounts as well but these issues aren't arising in any of those.

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