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The new update is a confusing mess

The new update is a confusing mess

This update, and the concept of the Liked Songs playlist is a mess. The most basic feature in any music player - shuffle all songs - seems to be impossible now. The concept of simply saving songs to your library? Out the window.  


The way things are set up now, what once was a unified library has been split into two: 

  1. Songs you've been saving and adding to your library for years are now just songs you've "liked", and shoved into a playlist (with no way of filtering by Arist or Album - try using a 6000 song playlist without these, it's not fun)
  2. Full albums you've been saving to your library are still there, but they're completely seperated from the individual songs you've been saving which are now hiding in that playlist

Also don't get me started on the destruction of the Artist page. Instead of simply being a list of Artists in my library, it's now a list of artists I "follow"? And we have to manually go through and follow every single artist we listen to? 


What problem is this update solving? What was broken about the library system that needed these changes? I don't think you're ready for the general public's reaction to this update... I have a feeling it's not going to be pretty.

14 Replies

The lack of ability to see all the artists in my library makes my blood BOIL - how did the lack of a feautre so rudimetary that the iPod CLASSIC included it make it through the testing phase of this redesign???

Spotify is about to lose me as a customer if they think they can just pull basic features I use every single day. Like I'm actually going to cancel my subscription over this.

Shuffle All has been a standard feature of portable music players since the beginning. If Spotify has decided it's amature hour for a month until they finally buckle from support tickets, then I'm going back to Google Play.

I agree whole heartedly that these updates are a complete mess. I am not going to "FOLLOW" all these artists so you can SPAM my phone with artist updates and useless **bleep** no one wants to see. The follow button was nice because I could limit it to the ones that REALLY mattered to me. Spotify if you're listening or even care. FIX THIS NOW. I will cancel my subscription within the next month unless it's changed. Whoever you have BETA test your apps have no idea what everyone wants. Whoever decided this was a good idea should get suspended without pay until they can fix it.

Yes exactly! Not being able to remove songs from albums and filter song library is what will make me cancel my subscription. Luckily, there's tons of competition with these features intact!



Stop making Spotify worse and worse with each update! There's now no way to add the songs from a playlist into another playlist. This is basic music organization functionality! Get your s**t together before you lose me as a premium customer.

Count me in as another unhappy customer. I can't believe Spotify would remove such basic features. It has rendered this app basically useless. I work in an area with limited service, so even though this music is ON MY PHONE, the search function fails to work at least half the time due to connectivity issues. This forces me to put the phone in airplane mode, search for the music, play, then turn off airplane mode which is a complete hassle.


And why remove the alphabetical aspect of going through your music? Sometimes I like scrolling through my collection for something to listen to. Now I have to scroll through a seemingly random list? Completely bogus. 


I'm sure it's cliche at this point to threaten to leave over a crappy update, but I'm seriously considering it. These changes have fundamentally altered the way I use this app into something that is completely useless. Why bother paying for a useless product?

I am with you. It's very annoying. I also love in limited reception and now I can't even find anything. Or I'm forced to create a playlist and download it first so I can listen to things. It's basically useless. Cliche maybe but I'm with you. I'm done. I won't use a useless app let alone pay for it.

I don't even know what to say other than wth... I am ready to CANCEL and ask for my money back... ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS.

I can't even see radio stations anymore or recently played which infuriates me (and when I look at my computer I am following them).  And the worst part for me is now to play a station I have to go to my computer and start it on the desktop app, like WTH.  




Definitely agreed. I don't understand why Spotify feels the need to remove or tweak functionality that works perfectly fine when they could be working on new features instead.

They have been pushing this update slowly since the start of the year at least. I got put on it back in Feburary or March. I and everyone i know and also everyone my partner knows have cencelled their premium and are now using Apple music instead because of this UI change.

Bringing back the old UI seems to be a main thing people want, but since its been about half a year of them still pushing it out to more and more people, i doubt they care or listen.

Just cancel and let the numbers show that we do not want this **bleep** UI.

Spotify are creating a disaster off an androi app.

I really dont like this new update and deleted it instantly .. what a mess.

Every update makes it worse.

If this stays i will cancel my premium  ...

I want to +1 this opinion. The new update is the worst I've ever seen and takes away so much from the great library Spotify provides. I can't find anything, don't know how anything is organized, and it's generally impossible to navigate. My Liked playlist is different on my phone and computer and I basically have to use Search to find anything. I'd used to many music services/players before - Amarok, WinAmp, every iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, SoundCloud, Spotify for many years - but this update is by far the worst UI experience in my 20 years of music listening.


I've never posted on a site before but had to say something about this update. I don't know whose idea it was but I think it was a bad idea, all things considered.

The only solution I found was rolling back to version (or choose one that had the features you want.)
There's a reddit post that tells you how (but you might have to redownload all your previously downloaded music). Just search reddit for "Way to return to the old design". Spotify won't let me post the reddit URL here.

Hope this helps!

Utterly utterly terrible update. I have limited mobile data on my phone and limited reception at work where I do most of my listening. And now even though I've downloaded all the songs I like, I have to download the whole album just to listen to the one or two songs I like - or have to deal with the mess of the new library. Oh and not to mention that going offline doesn't help fof part downloaded albums. Shocking mess. I'm almost certain to cancel my family account and go with someone else now. This is atrocious.

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