This New Spotify is HORRIBLE

This New Spotify is HORRIBLE

I have been using Spotify premium for about 5 or 6 years now. I loved it, the best thing to ever happen to me music wise. HOWEVER, this new update is HORRIBLE. I've seen numerous people complain about not being able to sort through liked music via artists or albums. Spotify keeps answering with an answer that HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PROBLEM. They claim you can sort through them; this is FALSE. You can only sort through via artist if you FOLLOW them not LIKE them. I honestly don't mind the new podcast feature, that's great. But WHY CHANGE WHAT WORKED SO WELL FOR SO LONG?! Music is a massive part of life, and Spotify is making it much more challenging to gain access to it. I have to scroll through thousands of songs to get to one because I can't search via LIKED songs' artists (not followed artists). I can't search via albums either. I don't understand why we have to like an ENTIRE album for it to show up now... and most of all, the one thing that makes no sense at all... REMOVING THE ALPHABETICAL SCROLL. 


I don't see the point in following artists' pages anyway. They aren't active on it sharing playlists and such like your everday joe. Maybe if it was their personal account and not their professional one... I want to see friends and family under my followings and news feeds. People who actually listen to music with their accounts and make playlists. 


Whoever thought any of these changes were a good idea seriously needs to be demoted because it sucks and the old Spotify needs to come back. Don't try and fix something that isn't broken. 


I also want to bring to attention that Spotify either does not care or doesn't pay attention to it's PAYING customers. They do not address the actual problem and claim that things are the way it is now because the "community asked for it," yet that same community doesn't seem too happy about the changes. 

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I feel the exact same way, you have outlined every problem already so I don’t need to. The biggest problem for me is I’ve saved maybe a single song from certain artists and now the only way to see these songs is to scroll through my entire liked songs which is like 2000 songs? Really? I don’t want to have to follow an artist every time I save a song. Even if I were to do that from now on, is it expected for me to go through my entire saved songs and follow every artist to see my previously saved songs?


I honestly thought that Spotify was pretty much perfect but it is now literally ruined. I have unsubsribed from premium because of it. 

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