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This app sucks!

This app sucks!

I had the Iphone and was paying for the app and when i switched to android i started paying again yesterday.... the app wont even work at all! ive restarted my phone, took the battery out, uninstalled the app and reinstalled it, shut it down completly and nothing works... and of course i cant find a customer service number because they sure as hell don't wanna refund the money. Now i'm screwed and if i can't get the refund back and just switch back to free version then i wont use spotify at all!

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What kind of device are you using? Surely using the latest version of the Spotify app? How doesn't the app work? If you would clarify few issues we'd be happy to try and sort it out for you.

If you want to contact the staff - you can do so via

You can log in to and Cancel your premium subscription if you are not happy with it. This would assure you that you are not charrged more. For refund, use the contact form to contact the Staff

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