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A lot of problems say "solved! Go to solution" but when I go to solution there is no solution/the solution doesn't work. I have lots of issues and some are probably in premium too judging by the comments on some posts/problems/topics.

It's like Spotify tries to hide the problems. This will probably say solved just because someone says something about how I'm using this website incorrectly or something like that... Or I might not be able to post at all...

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Yep they definitely like to push all the problems and negative feedback down. It's like want their customers to leave at this point with the way they constantly close and dismiss people's questions, ideas, and complaints. 

Hey folks,


Thanks for your feedback. 

Just so you know, although Spotify staff marks some answers as a Solution, any user is able to vote for a post so it becomes a Solution. If one user votes for a post, the answer goes above the others and is treated as a Solution

Note: If we see that a post has been marked as a Solution without being one, we unmark it.

Meanwhile, if you're having any issues with Premium feel free to search through the Community or just post a new thread. We're here for you.

Thanks 🙂

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