Top Issue with Bluetooth and Android (and the solution)

Top Issue with Bluetooth and Android (and the solution)


- Open any media application (e.g. Google Music or Radiosnet) - I use to stream radio during my breakfast at home

- Go to your car and launch Spotify

- Leave your car and go do something else (e.g. work in the office)

- Return back to the car by the end of the day and expect to have the Spotify launched!

- You will surprisingly have the other media service launched instead. This is pretty annoying since you will need to launch it manually. Every single time!


Here is the bug:

Spotify is not following completely the Android documentation. When the media session from it gets destroyed, Spotify should register a PendingIntent to sinalize to Framework that it would like to be considered to be launched in case a "media play" command is issued. Applications that follow the documentation work as expected (last media application used is the preferred one if no media session is active/present).


Appreciate if we can get it fixed!



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