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Track currently not available in your region, what to do?

Track currently not available in your region, what to do?



I've been experiencing some problems with playing some songs on my SE Xperia X10 mini pro.

I get the following message "This track is currently not available in your region". The same songs are playable on my computer. The dummy-solution seems to be to replace the songs with a version without "chain symbol" on the computer, but since there are to many songs that needs to be replaced I'm looking for a more convenient solution. It also seems somewhat random which songs that are not available in my region, deleting the whole playlist from the phone and re-sync gives a new setup with unavailable songs. 


Any help from some clever brain?

Thanks in advance.



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Can you post a link to the playlist in question? I thought this was a simple "local file not synced to phone" problem but it sounds ls there's more too it than that. What country are you in?

I experience the same problem on my Xperia Ray, any solution yet (Sweden)?

I gets songs that play on my android and then a week later they go out of region. What's up with that?

I'm having the same problem.  I registered and bought Spotify Premium in the USA.  I'm using Spotify on Android and trying to sync tracks.  The tracks work fine on my computer, but on Spotify Mobile I get the error "This track is currently not available in your region."  Please help, this is very annoying as it is happening with MANY popular tracks.


The reason I got Spotify Premium is to sync to my mobile.  If all these tracks won't work, I will surely end my subscription!

Can someone from spotify explain why tracks go in and out of region for premium subscribers on android?

I'm experiencing the same problem in the Netherlands.

Yesterday for example the whole album from Will & The people was available on Spotify, one day later only three numbers are left. The other singles I'm getting the region-error message. Pretty annoying, I just discovered this album yesterday and now I can't listen them anymore. That's not the reason I'm paying 10 euro's a month for this service. Probably I should go back to illegal download. In that case this doesn't happen Smiley Frustrated .

Come on Spotify, say something!!

I could explain why tracks disappear, but there's no real reason why it'd be limited to Android (beyond linked tracks, that is).


This entry on our FAQ explains why some tracks may be unavailable in your region. 


If the tracks are playable on you computer, check to see if they have a "Chain" logo next to the track, like the one next to George Michael in the image below.


Screen Shot 2012-01-29 at 3.25.11 PM.png


If so, click that chain, and add the track it links to your playlist, and remove the one with the chain logo.

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