Tracklength not right

Tracklength not right




I downloaded a mp3. The length is about 57 minutes, but the Spotify-Player only shows a Tracklength of 8 seconds. If I play the song it is played the full length, but I can't skip through it 'cause there are only 8 seconds displayed.

Can anyone help me with that? 😞

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download the mp3 somewhere else, e.g. your desktop + check if other players show the time right


perhaps it's a VBR encoded file (and not CBR)

I guess reading out more mp3 info won't hurt or sending the link so others can try also


Well, I downloaded it from YouTube with "Free YouTube Download". How can I read out more mp3 Info?

One more Info: The problem only appeares in the Android-App. My Desktop-Version of Spotify shows the 8 seconds only in the Tracklist, but it is possible to skip through the track while it is playing.

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