Tracks Unavailable


Tracks Unavailable

I am getting a "This track is unavailable" message when using Spotify on my Galaxy S5. Sometimes it pops up for every single song, sometimes it's less. It's been like this for several weeks now. Here's what I've tried:

1. Restarted phone
2. Uninstalled/reinstalled app
3. Logged out and in several times
4. Accidentally reset my phone to factory settings...reinstalled app and logged in, still does it.
5. Made sure I was still a premium account user, which I am and have been for about a year.
6. I read another person's question regarding this for their desktop computer. They plugged in headphones and it solved the issue...I found that if I mess with my notification settings and alternate from mute to vibrate to sound that sometimes makes it work temporarily.

Ultimately I want a more permanent and consistent solution. If I have to constantly put my phone on mute in order for an app to work which I pay ten bucks a month for, then I'll be unsubscribing.