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Tracks playing randomly

Tracks playing randomly

When I try to listen to a playlist, the tracks do not play in order. They skip around randomly and shuffle is not selected. Is there another solution?

7 Replies

I can only suspect shuffle being on. How does the play queue look when you start playing one of your playlists?

I also have this problem. This only started happening yesterday. I have de-selected the shuffle option & it still continues. Any solution to this?

Restart your mobile device and see if it fixes this. Make sure that shuffle is still off after restarting.

Same issue - tracks playing in random order - on the Kindle Fire.


The problem is, there is no shuffle option in the Spotify app on the Kindle Fire.


One more thing, I'm not online, I'm playing downloaded playlists.


Any suggestions?

When you maximize the album cover of the playing track, it doesn't display the repeat and shuffle icons?

I found it.


Thank you so much.


Oh good. I thought it might have been left out of the kindle app 🙂

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