Tracks stop playing.

Tracks stop playing.

Ive been a premium user for a couple years now I've had this problem for a few weeks now.
I will play a track from anywhere (playlist, radio, album, etc.) the song will finish and change to the next track but wont play. The time slider continues to move but no sound comes out. The song will only play if I hit the back button or skip to the next song. The issues persists regardless if songs are downloaded, offline or streamed over wifi/4g
I've tried the clean install.
I've wiped my sd card
Android version 4.3
Spotify version
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Hi there, this issue has been reported and is fixed in the beta. Hopefully a release to the stable channel is imminent.

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For what beta? In the meantime I'm supposed to continue paying for a premium subscription?

I have an android note 2 and I have been having this same problem. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, changed my settings and nothing works. Please fix this, we do not want to pay for something that doesn't work.


 When is this new update supposed to be released, I'm quite annoyed that spotify does nothing to fix this problem for users and that you can't even contact them directly about it.

Same here. Have a Galaxy Tab 2. Spotify has always worked, but not anymore!!! NO SOUND AND TRACKS KEEPS PLAYING!! Please fix IT.

Just updated Spotify and f now I've played 30-35 songs in a row! No problems so far! Thanks f fixing it👍🏼

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