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Trouble pressing the three dots to expand song options

Trouble pressing the three dots to expand song options

I tried searching for this issue and was unable to find it so perhaps this is not a common issue. My friends and I have all commented on the fact that it can be difficult to press the three dots on the right side of the screen to pull up the song options menu. More often than not I either end up playing the song when I didn't intend to or I accidentally scroll to a completely different part of the list I am looking at. To be clear this is only an issue when looking at songs in a list and is not an issue at all when looking at an idividual song that is currently playing. Part of the problem seems to be that I am unsure of where exactly to press to get the menu to come up. It seems like when I think I'm pressing right on the dots it either plays or scrolls. Anyone else have this problem?

4 Replies

I'm having this issue too on iPhone, wasn't an issue before the latest update. Would love it if Spotify would go back to the way it was before update. I use the add to queue a ton and have been frustrated now that it's not working.

Oh this happens to me all the time. A workaround I found was long pressing the song name and then adding to current que or whatever you are trying to do. This removes the chance of selecting the song and auto playing. 

This is the solution I found as well. I now do that exclusively and never have this promblem anymore. 

I found that my problem was tapping the 3 dots - if I press and hold, it behaves as I want it to (on a touchscreen win 10).

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