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Trouble shooting Spotify

Trouble shooting Spotify






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I've been having many issues with my Spotify lately. Let me go over them and see if anyone else has these issues.


The first one is that I can't download music over WiFi. Even when a valid WiFi connection is working on my phone, I have to go check "download using cellular". Which is annoying.


Second, randomly (maybe a third of the time) when I go to the next song manually or automatically, Spotify doesn't keep up and gets frozen on the last song. I can keep hitting skip it play/pause and hear the function go through and it does successfully skip or pause, but no matter what it remains stuck both in app and in notification.


Next, my music will just randomly pause out of nowhere. As if someone were hitting pause, not due to data. I have to manually hit play again.


Last my music will continue to play after I've unplugged my headphones. Doing this in public is embarrassing.


Any insight would be appreciated. I have already re-logged and tried to sign out everywhere and clear my cache. My music has been tested to be stored on and off an 256gb SD card in my phone.

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To the second issue, does it do that in your both mobile network and when your phone is connected to wifi?

Hey there,


Mostly in mobile network I believe. It still happens on downloaded music though. I have to reset the app to fix it, I can't find a quicker solution.

This is maybe obvious, but have you reinstalled Spotify? 

Yes, I forgot to mention that one sorry. All the same problems persisted. Leads me to believe it's fault to the phone or another app... Just don't understand what would cause so many issues.

Mm okay. You should check is there any limitations set to background usage of Spotify or generally to apps in your phone.  Does the music stop if your screen is on?

I have seen it stop with the screen on before, yes. I just checked on the data saver and it's allowed to run in the background. Also I thought I'd mention in looking at that, I noticed Spotify didn't have the permission granted to storage but yet it downloaded music. Or at least it says it did

The problem with music randomly stopping and staying played after unplugging headphones is within Oreo software. Did you notice difference before and after updating to Oreo? 

Here's one thing you should try: disable all notification sounds for those apps where you get them from. Oreo software has a feature that it lowers any apps sounds when some of the core applications, like messages send a notification. Try this! 

Okay, I will try that. Thank you for all your help so far I do appreciate it!

Not a problem:D

Let me know how it goes, and I look what I can suggest next. 

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