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Unable to find repeat button on spotify android S8?

Unable to find repeat button on spotify android S8?

Hello! Ive recently downloaded spotify and noticed that there seems to be no repeat or shuffle button for any of my playlists? This includes self made and spotify made. Am I doing something wrong or am I just really blind? Thanks!


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Tap the Now Playing bar to bring up the Now Playing view. 

The Now Playing view lets you control the music you’re listening to.

  • Tap  to play/resume.
  • Tap  to pause.
  • Tap  to skip. 
  • Tap  to shuffle the order.
  • Tap  to repeat the track.
  • Tap  twice to repeat the track once. Tap again to stop repeating.
  • Tap  for more options.
  • Tap  to order your tracks using the Play Queue



This doesn't work theres just a heart and cross instead of a repeat and shuffle button, this occurs even on my own playlists. The phone youve shown is on ios mine is android s8 if that helps.



Same problem with you.'i'm not using S8 but it happens on other Android devices for example -meizu m3 note.can't see my account too...I can't know the artists i follow or not ..please help!

Ah, I guess you have one of the new UIs they seem to be testing. You can contact them direct here for support.

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