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Unable to log back in after app logged me out

Unable to log back in after app logged me out

Was logged out unexpectedly, now when I try to log back in there is no error message, just the constant login screen. I am not using the facebook option.  Changed password, logged in to website on browser so credentials are correct, updated app, reinstalled app, rebooted phone, turned off vpn.

In more detail, after typing username or email and password and click login button it buffers "logging in" for a second and returns to "login". No error message.

I am not a premium user anymore but this never happened before. I'm using android, moto g3 

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Hey @cupatrunjel.


I suggest trying to log in by typing your username and password, instead of the full email address and password. If you've tried both ways without luck, make sure you're typing your username or email address in lowercase.


Let me know how it goes.

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