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Undownloaded songs playing in offline mode

Undownloaded songs playing in offline mode

Hi, when in offline mode, Spotify automatically plays recommended songs when my playlist has ended. How is this possible if I'm offline?

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Mine just plays all my music? Offline?? And nothing is downloaded as I don't use my computer often mostly I use my phone. I'm just really confused as to how this is working. I don't even have internet at all. Where is the music Coming from!! Anyway it's not a problem obviously I get to listen to my music but HOW? 

Hey @Gstankyboi,


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This is indeed odd behavior, so we'd like to gather some additional info. Would you mind sending us the make model and OS of the affected device along with the Spotify version you're running there?


On another note, we'd like to add that, when offline or without connection, the app just plays the playlists you've downloaded. You can read more about it here. Would you mind sending us a video recording of this behavior so we can better visualize what's happening in your side? You can attach the video in your next reply in mp4 format, or you can also upload it to YouTube or Google drive and make it public, so we can watch it.


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Sorry, don't know anything about this.
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