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Unusable - playback has a mind of it own, will pause and skip over and over, even when app is closed

Unusable - playback has a mind of it own, will pause and skip over and over, even when app is closed

I am paying for premium, recently upgraded the the samsung note 8. Spotify has become unusable and is ruining my life. I have tried everything on the community boards and it actually feels like its getting worse.


Spotify will 'assume control' of my whole phone and will start skipping songs, pausing songs, playing songs until i just give up and let it run its course. Shutting down the app doesnt do anything it just continues to do so even when the app is not open. It makes my whole phone just unusable and im 6 months into a 2 year contract. I would prefer not to cancel my subscription, cos music is life and without spotify i am lost, so am really hoping theres a fix. 


I have disabled the power saving stuff that is built into the phone, have taken all premissions away, have tried uninstalling etc. Nothing works. 


Please help

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Hey @giddingsbaldwin,


That's not cool! If you've not done so all ready, we'd recommend removing all your offline devices and giving the app a reinstall. 


To remove your offline devices, just head here on your account overview and click 'Remove all Devices'. Once this is done, delete and reinstall the app on your phone. This should give everything a refresh. Just as a heads up, you'll need to redownload all your offline tunes - so it's best to do it when you're somewhere with WiFi. 


Let us know if this helps!


The experience for me is also horrible. I am not sure what's haophappe, it used to work fine, at least in the mobile, now all players just stop playing, and they seem to always be lost, appearing one music to play and showing other. 

Cant be connection issue, as all those tracks I play are available offline, so it's ridiculous.


Reinstall does not fix the issue. This happen in all devices. I registered this board just to complain about the problem in this thread.

Hey @3esmit,


Could you get back to us with a video showing us an example of what's happening?


Also, let us know your OS version and Spotify version. 




This did not fix the issue, i contacted the online chat support team, who gave me a cs_test login to test the app but the problems continued while using the cs_test login. 


I am running out of ideas now and am close to hitting the cancel account button if theres no fix.


I could go to the samsung store to see if my phone is faulty but ive seen others psoting similar problems so am not sure what to do.



Today has been especially bad.. the app has been booting itself up and will not leave me alone. Have had to uninstall again just so that i could use my phone



Sorry to hear that @giddingsbaldwin! Have you noticed any music that you wouldn't usually listen to being played when the Spotify app takes control? 


Is the app booting itself up, even when you have it completely closed on your device?



No its usually something i would listen too, it will usually skip through songs on the album one by one. It will play each song for a few seconds then skip and will continue to do so until its reached the end of whatever i was listening to, then spotify radio will kick in and itll just keep going. Sometimes it peters out and calms down but other times i have to take action.


Somtimes closing the app works but sometimes it doesnt. Ill usually close all apps via the recent items tab and then a few seconds later spotify will start playing again. When i check my recent items there is nothing open but music is still playing.

If i drag down the notifications toolbar from the top of the screen you can see the spotify music controller is open but the app itself is closed


It has recently started messing with volume controls aswell, this morning it turned the volume up while it was doing its thing.


Its like it knows im watching it too.. like, ill be watching the app playing, waiting for a skip and as soon as its in my pocket, it skips. Everytime.


It feels like its messing with me. (Im not joking)




@giddingsbaldwin - it sounds possessed! To make sure it's not the device, does this happen with any other apps?


Also, can we check what version of Spotify you're using and whether your phone is rooted? You can find the version number at the bottom of the settings menu. Do you notice any pattern to when it starts, like listening to certain tracks or playlists? 


I havent noticed it happening with any other apps, i have noticed that facebook/instagram can sometimes trigger it tho? If im playing a song and scrolling through facebook, with sound on and a video starts playing, it can trigger it.. but that doesnt always happen.


I havent noticed any patterns either it appears randomly and can last between a few minutes or until i get annoyed and uninstall it. I listen to alot of different stuff so its hard to tell


Please see attached for version details, wouldnt let me post it. This is not a joke i swear


Hey @giddingsbaldwin,


Thanks for all the info! We want to try and track what's triggering this. 


To make sure no other apps are interferring, could you turn your device on and off and open just Spotify and see if it starts skipping. If it works as expected, it'd be great to see then if an app like Facebook or Instagram triggers it. 


It would also be great if you could see if it happens when using WiFi or mobile data. 


Let us know how you get on, 


I think its my headphones...


I noticed that when i took my headphones out, it stopped skipping and played normally.

The skipping happened when using youtube the other day aswell.


Theyre pretty old sony headphone, ive had them ages.. maybe its time for an upgrade


Will confirm if it fixes the problem



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