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Update of playlists between computer and mobile phone ?

Update of playlists between computer and mobile phone ?



I would like to know if there is a way to update the playlists from my computer to my mobile phone and vice-versa.

I mean, i'm adding songs in my mobile phone playlists, but when i go on spotifiy on my computer, i don't see the adding songs in this playlist.


Is there no link / update between my mobile phone spotify account and my computer spotify account ?


Thank you in advance 🙂

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Yeah they should be getting updated on the other device as you updated them on either the PC or phone - I always use my PC to manage playlists for instance and then just flick the mobile app to online once every few days and it picks up the changes automatically.

Could have been that when you tried it there was an issue with Spotify's playlist servers - seems to have been happening frequently over the last few weeks. So maybe try again.

Hope that helps
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i want on the settings and enabled "Synchro 2G/3G" and it worked instantaneously.


Is that what you meant ?


Can i let this option always ON ?



You shouldn't need to turn on that setting for the playlists to update - That setting is only there to sync offline playlists when not on a Wi-Fi network. Strange that it worked, however...
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Playlists does not update anymore between "desktop" and "mobile" (android app).

The problem specifically accurs when the playlist has been modified on the mobile while the playlist is not sync and the app is disconnected.

When the app is reconnected, playlists that where in sync mode updates as expected. Others (playlist that were modified while they were out of sync)  ended up with different items in the same playlist on the desktop and the mobile. I have no clue on how synch these lists.

Well I could keep playlists synched but it is uneasy to do as now and then the app decided to remove synched options on ALL playlists and I have to reconnect the app in order to reset the synch option on playlists, and sometimes redownload everything. I may forgot some of the playlists.


stopping the mobile app and the desktop app, and restarting the mobile and the desktop app, resync the playlists

I have a Nokia Lumia 625 with windows 8.1 and a laptop with Windows 10. How can I synchronize my playlists between both ? The answers given before, I'm sorry to say, are Chinese to me ...

Can somebody explain it plainly ? thank you so much !

NB : I am a grandma of seventyeight and I know a lot about computer and stuffs, but not so much as youngsters do 🙂


Is there an explanation somewhere about how synching works?


If I make changes on my android, then different changes later on my pc

how does Spotify know which is correct?


In the last few days I changed the names of a few playlists.

Today on the pc, which I don't go on often, I noticed one playlist has its old name and is missing about 1k tracks.


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