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Updated Password on Website Not Recognized on Phone

Updated Password on Website Not Recognized on Phone

I updated my password on the website and then tried to login with my mobile phone but recieve message:


'unable to login. either the username or password is incorrect.'


i've triple checked and and know for a fact that both are correct.


btw... may want to add the option to make password visible in the mobile app. it's best practice and just good usability.

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this seemed perhaps to be a result of also being logged in to the website at the same time. i've since logged out of the website and upon trying to login on mobile, i now recieve the message:


"we're currently experiencing some problems. please try again later"


this has been occurring for the last hour. I've rebooted my phone twice and alos uninsalled and reinstalled the app but still no dice.


So you changed your password on Spotify website and after that you can no longer log in using the mobile app?

And surely you can still access the website and login from there using the same credentials? Using Spotify / Facebook credentials?

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