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Updated credit card can't sign in

Updated credit card can't sign in

I updated my credit card info back to premium subscription and now I cannot get past the Facebook login screen. Very frustrating considering I am paying for this!!!!!! Help!!?
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Sorry to my message, but it's not suggested to publish a email adress to public forum like Spotify community where everyone can see your email.


However I do not know answer to this problem. But hey, you can pop a message to customer service here

Hi Gillisrc- I've just had a look at your account and everything is fine our end. 


Are you having trouble logging into your desktop or mobile? If you're using a Windows, Symbian or Palm phone you'll need to retreive a username/ password to log into the app since you joined via Facebook. 


You can do all of that easily via this site, just sign in with your FB email and password:

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