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Upgrade to Android 6.0 and access lost to microSD card

Upgrade to Android 6.0 and access lost to microSD card


I have a LG G4 that had official Android 5.1 (no root)

I upgraded to Android 6.0 and lost all music as OS changed microSD location somehow. Other programs work again when authorizing access properly, but Spotify doesn't have that and there is no way to force it.

Any idea or upcoming version fixing that?


That's important, I pay to use it on my mobile, and I can't.

4 Replies

I have seen in the forums hundreds of people with same issue... and ther is no fix?


Show us any indication that Spotify are aware of the problem and working to fix it (or are even capable to do so).


This problem has been raised here in numerous posts since Marshmallow came out.

Communication on the subject from Spotify = ...........


Give up and move to a streaming provider who actually understands customer service and support.


we all know one thing. As android 6.0 spreads to mobile phones with SD cards (every month with new devices) they are going to lose more customers. I don't understand. They had these discussions for almost two moths and everyday there are more and more... 6.0 needs permissions so if they implement where to save the songs and cache it would be easier, we will just grand them a permission and everything is going to be ok, but they don't do it.... Damon, i don't want to root my phone just for having my spotify.

My phone (Galaxy S5) updated to 6.0 this morning... I lost storage to SD card but... go to Settings, storage, SD card... unmount then mount and it works again.


I also could not open Spotify until I did this.  Go to Applications Manager then Spotify...Force Stop...Clear data and cache.  Open Spotify.  I had to re-login but this worked.

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