Use Android media scanner to get local files?


Use Android media scanner to get local files?


I've been an avid Spotify fan for quite a while, but it's always irked me that none of my playlist songs are detected in the app.  I manually add/remove music from my phone rather than sync, because I find it easier and less of a hassle.  I know Android has, built-in, a way to get information for all media files on the device.  Is there a way for Spotify to use that function and match songs to playlists by id3 tags, similarly to how the desktop client does it, or possibly just have a "local files" section in the app?


(I did send an email to support as well but thought I'd post it here also)


To demonstrate: on the left is Spotify showing greyed-out tracks ("unavailable") and on the right is Poweramp showing those exact same tracks available to play.

2013-10-12 05.28.18.png2013-10-12 05.30.06.png


edit: sorry for slightly bad quality on the images, but they're natively 1080x1920 and I didn't think it'd be a good idea to post them full-size.

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Re: Use Android media scanner to get local files?

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I'm not an android user, but I'm pretty sure this is unfortunately not currently possible.


Good Idea though! Feel free to submit it to the Ideas section so Spotify are aware of it.


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Re: Use Android media scanner to get local files?

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It would be pretty neat for the mobile app to scan for local files and import them into its database although I deleted all my mp3s when I started using spotify as I no longer saw a need for them. One drawback I can see is the increased battery drain and delay resulting from the app scanning for local music on launch.