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Using sd card with offline music on 2 devices

Using sd card with offline music on 2 devices

Hi All,


I have question if it is possible to use the same sd card (with spotify music downloaded to offline mode) on two android devices. I have a premium account on spotify and using it normally on my phone. But have also a car with android system and also spotify installed. The problem is that in my car I would like to use only my offline music and save on data transfer. So I would like to download music on the sd card throug my phone using wifi at home and then plug in the sd card in my car and throug spotify in my car listen to music in offline mode.


i tried this but as for now spotify in my car don't recognize music downloaded on the sd card. I tired also to download some songs in the car and this works of course. But downloading my full libary would kill my internet package in the phone.





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Sorry but downloaded music is locked to the one device - I guess for copyright reasons.

Thanks a lot, that's sad because its very limits the usage:( so the only way is too use on the phone and share from bluetooth

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