Using spotify at funeral

Using spotify at funeral

Hey, random question here. There is a track on spotify that our family want to play at a funeral (unavailable elsewhere in time). The funeral location only has a CD player. Is there any way to burn spotify tracks onto CD? What other options would we have?
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You can't copy songs from Spotify to anywhere else. What is the CD player plugged into? Maybe you can unplug the CD player and plug your phone 's headphone output into that spot.


Hello @Emz_davidson & welcome to the Community!

First of all, sorry for your loss.


Spotify songs can only be managed from the Spotify app itself, so there's no way to burn the song on a CD.


Maybe the CD player you mentioned has an auxiliary (aux) input so you can connect a device and play the songs from there.

Try checking, and if there is, you just need an aux cord to connect your device.


Hope this helps! ♫

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