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Volume turns up to max by itself constantly

Volume turns up to max by itself constantly

I have Spotify premium family membership. As of today the volume keeps shooting up to max constantly by itself on all my familys accounts. It's super annoying any help would be great.


Oh and 2020 wrapped still ain't working.


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Having the same problem. Stopped listening to music for a bit and unplugged my headphones, plugged them back in and spotify cranks the volume up to max and gets stuck at max volume until you close the app and clear the cache. This needs to be fixed because this can seriously damage people's hearing, headphones, and speakers.

Hey there @andywhite890 and @datfenristho,


Thank you for your posts here in the Community.


Can you perform a clean reinstall of the app? This step will clean the cache and corrupted files from previous installations that can cause issues.


Keep us posted 🙂



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HA NO I am not doing that again. I barely got all my liked songs to show back up in the app after doing that last week. If that's your only solution I'd rather just clear the cache every time I stop listening to music. Also if I literally just did a clean reinstall last week, then I highly doubt that'll fix the problem. It is purely spotify being a huge buggy mess as usual.

Hey again @,


Thank you for your reply.


A clean reinstall is the first step we usually do when we troubleshoot since that will make sure there's no old cache files causing this. The only thing you have to do after is to download your offline music on the device again.


We also suggest that you have a look at this article and try to change your settings to see if that helps.


We'll keep an eye out for your reply.



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My volume increases at 3:05 AM on a nightly basis. Any ideas what could cause this, or how I can remedy? I use sleep music all night, but volume goes up 2 levels just after 3a m. Help greatly appreciated

Hey @Handegirl,


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This is indeed an odd behavior. Could you share your device specifics as brand/model and operating system, where you've observed the occurrence of the issue?


From the top of my head this makes me think, that at night something interacts with the Spotify app and changes the volume, like another app, that starts Spotify as a predefined task.


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Since updating to android 12, I experience the same issue. Volume goed to max sometimes. This only happens between tracks, not during a track. Spotify is the only app in which I experience this behaviour. When I press the volume button to correct this, it immediately goes back to the original volume.

Hi, @Jorgh6,


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In this case, could you log out everywhere? You can find this option by scrolling down here. Once you do this, restart your device and tell us if the issue persists.


On another note, we recommend that you disable any battery saving or optimization apps and make sure that Spotify is not being restricted by any device settings that might cause malfunction. 


If the issue still persists, send us over the make/model and Spotify version installed on your device. 


Keep us posted.

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I also experienced it after doing MIUI 13 update. The volume suddenly loud in the next song. Even when I mute my device.

Errors occur both offline and online, I changed to 'Quiet' , I've tried your suggestion, I've also update version ,then reinstalled because didn't work.

I'm confused, it's my device problem or my Spotify. 

I really look forward to your help. 

Thank you 

Hi there @veeantari,


Thanks for the reply.


We're still trying to get to the bottom of what might be causing this.


Can you let us know if this is happening consistently and if so, please make a short video recording of when the volume jumps.


Also, does it happen when you're connected to a speaker or headphones or only when listening to music straight from your phone?


Looking forward to your reply.

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This problem still persists to this day and only on spotify. I didn't get that problem while streaming on SH and YT.

Happens very randomly but usually starts after 20 minutes.


I didn't try it through speakers but headphones and never jump. Only jump when listening straight from my phone.


I have recorded it


Thank you for responding to my problem

Hey @veeantari,


Thanks for the reply and the video recording.


Could you reproduce this issue on a different device with a different account?


Does this happen with all songs or only by skipping through certain ones?


Let us know how that went,



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We had this issue as well. We normally use Volumio to listen to spotify at home. We had to reinstall it because it was disconnecting, and that is when we started having issues with the volume. It started off normal, but quickly became louder. (Luckily we were not using earphones) We adjusted volumes but could not get it to work properly.


We also have a Heos system which we can use to listen to spotify, so we tested this. Eventually we realized that, even though we adjust the volume in Spotify, the volume in the other system takes over. So if it is set to high volume in the other system, Spotify starts off with its settings, but quickly changes to the settings of the listening device. We have now adjusted the volume in Volumio and it works fine. But this is probably not the solution most spotify users are after.


We hope this helps.

We all went out to the movies last night and left Spotify playing for the animals on the home stereo. Came home to the smell of smoke, the volume at 100%, and half of the home theater speakers are blown!!! thanks Spotify! I'm sure you are STILL working the issue..

Instead of giving complainers homework Spotify should look into this problem by themselves. There is another thread on this forum with posts from 2014 until 2018 and nothing has been done. I always use Deezer (because it has FLAC/lossless) and connect it via MusicCast to Yamaha devices on different locations in the house. I was told (wrongly) that Spotify Premium now has better quality sound too, so I thought, let's wake up my Spotify-app and connect it to the systems. Within a minute Spotify turned the volume on one of the systems to max (60) which is extremely loud! Swiping the controller back on my phone did not help, so I had to run to the dining room and immediately pull out the plug from the socket. Thank you! 

So, since I wondered which of the two music streamers I had to discontinue, the answer is easy: I'll keep Deezer and ditch Spotify and be happy to pay the 3 euros a month more.

I will not follow any instructions about updating firmware (which is up to date) and removing any cache, since Spotify could know it does not help: the trackrecord of this issue goes back to 2014, and since this issue should never occur anyway. Just solve this! Why? This Spotify-product should not even be in the market this way. It is dangerous: risk of loss of hearing, tinnitus, damaged/blown speakers...where can we send the bill?

I tried it on my desktop and on my another phone miA2 and have no problem, the problem only occurs on my Poco f2 pro.


A while ago I tried using wired headphones and the volume also suddenly max, but have no problem with the bluetooth headphone. 


The problem appears randomly. 


Although at this time your team still hasn't found a solution, hopefully soon.


Thank you


*this really only happens on my Spotify, both online and offline. I have no problem streaming from YT, SH, AM and SC




If anyone find the way to fix it? 

@spotify Hello? 

it is clearly spotify's problem, and this has something to do with the PC software, since both volume are shared as well.

but in pc software, ppl usually always have it set to max since we adjust the output volume somewhere else. but on the phone, we only have 1 place to adjust volume, especially iPhone cant separate volumes.


since spotify big company like them usually ignores user's feed back anyway, ill just post here and thats it.

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