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I can not understand how the spotify team was able to remove the only button that made me pay for a premium account.


The "shuffle play" button on playlists in a folder was MY LIFE. I do not want to waste time looking for music while I'm in the car or in the bathroom. I just want to put in random and go jumping until I find something good.


I did it EVERY DAY.

Please bring it back. Spotify is useless to me without this option.

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Spotify's recent actions have seriously harmed the health of the program from what it was a year or two ago. It's inexplicable. The only thing I am sure of is they don't care about us early adopters and are trying to market on 3rd party sources to enhance visibility (see: sharing options now vs private sharing w/ inbox).


The company's primary focus is figuring out how to get on their feet with ad and sub revenues and get out of being propped up by venture investments. That's it.


Welcome to the community, sorry to hear you're having issues with Spotify.


Are you unable to use the shuffle button/it's not properly or is it just not there? I'm not aware of any plans/updates which have removed the shuffle button.

It may be best to try a fresh installation, you can find an article on how to do this properly here.



 - James

It is just not there anymore. We're talking about shuffle button that plays all songs in a folder.



That certainly does sound odd.

What device and Spotify version are you running? I think it's best we try a reinstallation here, there's a guide here on how to do that. 


Let me know how that goes 🙂

 - James

Thank you, James. But its NOT a problem about installation or version. Like Larppa5 said, It is just not there anymore. We're talking about shuffle button that plays all PLAYLISTS* in a folder. Last uptade in android app removed this perfect button, and I just wanted to know why. Doesnt make sense. It was so useful…

I will have to cancel my premium account. SFMBE.

Can Confirm it's not there anymore onmy Android device as well as the ones of my friends. (I checked with two of them.)
I also just tried reinstalling Spotify to be sure but still no diference. The Button is just gone.

Hi all,


I don't use an Android device, so I am unable to test it myself, however now that other users have confirmed it's an issue I'll pass it along.

In the meantime, you can always resort to playing any song in your playlist, and then enabling 'shuffle' (by clicking the song bar at the bottom, then the shuffle button so it's green). I know it's a little awkward/not as convenient a the shuffle play button, but it does the job for now.


Like I said, I'll pass this along to the Spotify Staff and see if I can get an answer for you guys. Whether there was a reason for it being removed, or it shouldn't be removed, etc, etc.



 - James

Hi James,


I think you still don't understand. I have both an iPhone and an Android phone, so I opened both to see if there was a difference. On the iPhone, if you open a playlist folder, above all the other playlists you see an automatic "All songs", which seems to be a list of all song in all sub-playlists. There you can then "Shuffle play". This special list does not exist on the Android version (I don't know why in God's name not, I'd love to be able to quickly see all songs in the folder), instead you had a "Play all" button at the top of the playlist folder list, which let you play all songs in all sub-playlists in that folder. This button is now gone and hasn't been replaced with anything. I.e. you can only play one playlist at the time.


Seeing how the iOS version works, a part of me now hopes that the button was removed to implement the same system for folders on Android. But I don't dare to hope too much.

A user posted a reply from Spotify in this thread.

. whole_playlist_folder_play_removed..PNG

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Yeah, Jeppo80, exactly this. There's no other way to me, I'm going to cancel my premium account.

I also use that feature all the time, so I just made a new playlist and added all songs form the playlists in the folder, this way you can shuffle them all you want. It can be inconvenient for you but I'll be doing that until they bring back that button (if they ever bring it back).

Agree with you. 

The button is gone on the ios version also. It was very handy.

can you PLEASE bring it back?

it was one of my main reasons to have premium.

why was it removed ? What were the reasons?.


Yep here to now since the last IOS update yesterday.

This has to be brought back, what a disaster!

What on earth mad Spotify do this????



It seems as if the most "followed" playlists have replaced the the "shuffle play" button at top with the "play" button.  As many other users have noted, this is very annoying.  Why would i want to hear the same song first every time i go into a playlist?  ON the less popular playlists it still has "shuffle play" on top, so why remove for the heavily used playlists?  

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