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WTF??! I cannot download my Playlists!!!

WTF??! I cannot download my Playlists!!!

I just got that premium package a few days ago and i keep on trying to download my playlists, but it won't work. I am doing this via my wifi at home. No matter, which playlist i try, it will only download to approx. 30%, than it stops an does nothing more. I can also only start downloading 1 playlist like this, if i try to download another one at the same time, it will only show 0% and nothing happens.


I am having a german version on my mobile. An the settings menu is quite small - i cannot tell the programm, where to store the data. Anyways, I have 770MB free on my phone, and 12 GB on my card, so there should be enough room....

I already uninstalled the program and brought it up again, but this would not work either.



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I have the same problem. Getting really annoyed with spotify just now. 

Yep same problem 😞

Its been doing this download thing for a month. There are a few problems with the software, songs will just stop for no reason, downloaded content disappears, and it tells me I'm using more than the devices (my phone only). I'm canceling my account. Hopefully there is a service that has better software.

Hey folks, this is crazy problem!


I reported it to Spotify for you.


Watch this space for updates.


Cheers and have a lovely autumn!


Workaround: Connect your Android to your PC via USB and start Spotify. Then download your playlists using Desktop app in Devices section.

I just tried this with my iphone.  It did not work.

Yeah I have premium and I'm really pissed that I can't keep my downloaded songs. I used to be able to download and listen offline. But in the past week, while I could download them, as soon as I go offline and shut down spotify, the playlists are undownloaded. I had to re-download them everytime I was at a wifi destination. Really a pain. Today, I can't download anything it's just at 0 percent.

Hey there,


At least for some people this works. I tested it for you now.


The problem is that new update is released with bug. So when you download this app, ICS 4.1 can't download content to Offline anymore - it just keep downloading at 0%. Yes, it's bug. With Android 4.0 or lower like 2.3 no problems like in 4.1. The main thing what's going on here is that Spotify updated something that affect only ICS 4.1 and Offline content. For now no fix to this, however I reported this bug to Spotify.


Keep fingers crossed for update. I can confirm, this will be fixed in future.


For some this USB thing works:




Please bear with Spotify, they start soon working with this bug!

Well fortify can kiss my butt.

Please bear with Spotify, when they are working hard to improve Spotify. 🙂


No need to suggest "kiss a butt", "get better coders" or something like this.


Just sit down, open your Spotify and enjoy. Spotify surely fix this bug. They think it's annoying too!



Nothing can stop the dance! Handsup!

Well, that's too bad. It's a shame cause I really liked spotify when it was working. But I'm getting charged tomorrow for the entire month. Seems crazy to pay for something that doesn't work. I'm canceling my service.

They are working for fix soon, just be patient.


Also landscape mode is coming to Spotify in future and much more cool features. New too!

If they replied to emails and didn't have a 'everything is fine' status on their homepage then I'd be more understanding. I canceled my account. They sure can kiss my butt.

Is the service down for downloading files I used two computers an iphone and an android device on various connections no dice.

Everything fine status in page is only for some service problems like "servers are slow", "problems logging in" and much like this, not for bugs. This is frustaring thing when your product receive a bug, but give a chance for fix. Spotify always improve product, so canceling is not a right solution. Also keep in mind this service is like free for you. Where you can listen music as much as you want less than 10 € month in your PC, tablet, smartphone, Onkyo...

This seems like a server/service issue as I have tried multiple platforms, mac, pc, iphone, android from multiple isps verizon, twc, att and still no dice... 

Thank you.


I try to find problem. There is some reports about this.


Watch this space for updates. We'll try our best with Spotify. 🙂

Yeah it really is a shame. I loved the service when it worked. When the bugs are fixed, I'll be back. Anyone knows when the bugs will be fixed?

Hey folks,


I think problem is at Spotify servers. However this problem is only for some users and seems to be not related to OS. This because some reports telling us this problem is also in Windows, iPhone and Mac and at least in Android. Also there is no way this can be caused only by today Android update because this problem is also reported on other devices - devices without any update for now. So thank you for all your reports, problem is detected.


Spotify start looking to this hopefully today. I or someone from Spotify team keep you informed about this. This is reported to Spotify, all I can do for now. So please keep your patience and watch this space.


We apologize for the inconvenience.

any updates?  I just started paying for this service this past week, and this is not a good start at all....


I can't play music offline...

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