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[WearOS] Offline music not playing

[WearOS] Offline music not playing



I'm having issues with offline playback on Spotify and a Galaxy Watch 4. If I download some songs and I'm connected through Bluetooth to my phone it works fine, but once I'm disconnected from my phone the songs won't start. It worked fine just a couple of weeks ago. Reinstalling the app didn't work. 








Galaxy Watch 4

Operating System

(WearOS 4)


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Hey folks,

The troubleshooting options for such issues are limited but there are some suggestions we can try!
The goal here is to sync everything online and then proceed with going offline.

Tip: Always wear the watch on your wrist during a sync. Some watches detect when the watch is worn or not and if it's not worn it might shut down the Bluetooth or the Internet connection.

Here are some steps to try; make sure you test the app behavior offline after each one:

  1. Open the Wear OS/Galaxy Wearable app on the phone to retrigger the connection.
  2. If this doesn't help, reset the connection by disabling the connectivity both on the phone and the watch. Then turn them on again.
  3. Restart the watch.

Let us know if anything has fixed the issue for you!
We'll be on the lookout for new responses 🙂

23 Replies

Same issue here. Galaxy watch 6 with latest Spotify and Wear OS. OnePlus Nord 5g on latest version of Android.

Hi folks,


Can you try following the steps in the original post here and let us know if they make any difference?


Hope it helps.


Take care

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Hi, We can't try these steps because Samsung Galaxy Wear S3 is Tizen not WearOS, We have a problem about WearOS not Tizen.




1-I already downloaded with my Wi-Fi

2-I want use Spotify offline, so when I try to use offline I can't find any Wi-Fi

3-There isn't any stream on Wi-Fi option on WearOS

4-I already downloaded my songs



I hope it helps! Spotify has received a few updates, I didn't tried is this issue is solved I'll try. 




Hi again, I guess they solved the issue with updates. I don't see any problems for 16 hours


I'll update if I'll see any problem

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