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What?! Halp!

What?! Halp!

I used to have an old account and i used the free trial without entering a credit card
(I don't have one) but now I have to enter one before the trial! I just want to listen to soundtracks IN ORDER!! (UnderTale)
18 Replies

Hello and welcome to the Spotify Community! Allow me to assist you on your issue 🙂


When it comes to Free Trials, Spotify has implemented the rule of adding a credit card so they can verify:

  1. Your country.
  2. Process payment if you decide to stay.

I will quote Spotify's FAQ:


Even if there’s no initial charge, we may require a valid payment method, such as a credit/debit card or online payment account (e.g. PayPal), to begin a trial offer.


This is so Spotify can:

  • Confirm your country.
  • Process payments if you decide to remain on Premium after your trial period ends. 

Tip: If you cancel before you trial period ends, you won’t be charged. 


I personally really like Spotify Premium and I suggest you to grab it! Once you hop in, you won't want to hop out 😄


Anyways, hope I was useful! Have a nice day 🙂

But..... What if I don't have a credit card?

If you don't have a credit card, then I quote once again: "[...] online payment account (e.g. PayPal)..."


If you have an online payment account, then you should be good to go 🙂

I've never tried to use PayPal with Spotify, but I do have an account without a credit/debit card in it. Maybe try giving it a go? If you can't, then there's no other way around 😞

Sorry if I'm bothering you but.... one more thing... am I able to use gift
cards such as Google play cards? Thx!

As an initial payment you can't use gift cards but you can use them in the future. You have to use either a debit card, a credit card, or a PayPal in order to start the free trial. Afterwards you can purchase Spotify gift cards.
Jaden Mattox

Uhhh @jts4jc may other Stars correct me if I am wrong. But he does not need to input a payment method. He can redeem the gift card at any time. BUT! Once the month is over, he can add the payment method or stay free.
Gift Cards are only permitted one per account I believe.

If there's anything else I can do, let me know!

To sign up for Spotify you have to have a valid payment option other than a
gift card. After signing up you can use a gift card without your credit
card ever being charged, but Spotify does require a valid payment option
for verification purposes.
Jaden Mattox

I'm sorry but to sign up in Spotify you do not need a payment method. The payment method is ONLY applied when you want to subscribe to Premium. That's the only moment (I am a premium myself).
For the use of a gift card, as far as I remember, it's

The verification purposes is for when you want to apply for a free Spotify Month Trial. Gift Cards do not go through the same processing method I believe.
Will contact another Star to confirm this, but I firmly believe you don't require the payment method.

That's what I meant. When signing up for the free trial of Premium it asks
for the payment method.
Jaden Mattox

You mixed two things mate:
"As an initial payment you can't use gift cards but you can use them in the future. You have to use either a debit card, a credit card, or a PayPal in order to start the free trial. Afterwards you can purchase Spotify gift cards."

Gift Cards are not linked to the Spotify Trial, therefore can be redeemed at any time. That's what I was pointing out.

Want to use Premium Trial? Must apply payment method. Want to redeem Gift Card? You should be able to do it at any time 🙂

That's correct but my point was you can't sign up for a trial with a gift
card. Is that not correct?
Jaden Mattox

You can't, because they are not the same thing... As I told you...

The point seems to have got lost so I'll **bleep** in. You can only use Spotify gift cards to pay for premium. Play cards can't be used.

That's what I was trying to get across because I know that. You just
misunderstood what I was saying
Jaden Mattox

I want to offer my apologies. I've *just realized* that he said *PLAY*
cards (*Thanks @Joe for saying it, if not I wouldn't have noticed*).
I read quickly and when I saw your comment got mixed up.

Heh, no worries 🙂

Haha that's ok. I seemed to agree with what you said and thought it matched
what I was saying, just misunderstood each other.
Jaden Mattox



Hey there!


Just checking in to make sure you are not frustrated with this post thread. Things kind of went off the skids here over the several different ways to pay for and have access to Premium access on the Spotify service, and different parts of the thread answering questions about Premium access on the Spotify service. 


Can you post back please if you might be confused?

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