When are we going to get the UI update that was promised?

When are we going to get the UI update that was promised?






(Samsung Galaxy S10+)

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(Android 10)


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We were told 8 months ago a major UI update that Apple music got would be ''coming soon" yet this suggested time-frame has clearly passed, could we please have an update or a specific deadline on when we can expect it? We pay the same for this service & are being treated as second class.

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As a customer I'm hugely annoyed by this. It feels like I really might switch to another service if this keeps up, considering that youtube music got some songs that Spotify doesn't that were removed, is well integrated into android system and is well animated with gestures and stuff🙄

You guys really need to tell us in advance what 'COMING SOON' means to y'all

Oh hey I noticed you used my ios screen recording from reddit lol


They really just need to bring feature parity to all platforms, same UI across mobile, friend activity on mobile, folder creation on mobile etc. - I don't understand why the features vary so much from each platform

I feel frustrated by that. Android needs and update! I mean, Android needs the update they promised us! 


That's why I'm not even Premium anymore. Android UI sucks sometimes, while iOS users get the more fluid and pretty one. 



I'm more curious about when we'll get lyrics

Spotify employees are too busy boycotting because of the Alex Jones episode on Joe Rogan. Pathetic!

Apparently people thought spotify is waiting for Jetpack Compose to come out of beta or something, it's a way to much easily change the ui of an Andriod app. Not sure if they're working right now or still waiting but that might be why they're waiting. Still annoying to not get any information.

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